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About Pimax 5k Plus
Pimax 5k Plus Headset

The Pimax 5k Plus is a virtual reality headsets created by Pimax and originally released on February 19, 2019. It offers a host of features that we will break down for you below. If you already own a Pimax 5k Plus be sure to leave a review. and let the community know how you like it.


Now for the good stuff! The Pimax 5k Plus comes loaded with an LCD ( 3 Subpixels ) display, running at 75Hz, a resolution of 2560 x 1440 per eye, ~126° field of view, Adjustable IPD, and 6DOF° of freedom!


The Pimax 5k Plus comes standard with Built-in Mic and 3.5mm Dual Jack.


Pimax 5k Plus TrackingPimax 5k Plus Tracking

The Pimax 5k Plus uses Base Station version 2.0 for a precise and high quality tracking experience.


The Pimax 5k Plus comes with 3 types of connection types that consist of 1x USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Adapter.


Pimax 5k Plus ControllerPimax 5k Plus Controller
Pimax 5k Plus Details
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    February 19, 2019
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